Company Overview
Civic Partners and its affiliates have been active in real estate development since the 1970's, with several decades of combined specialized experience in partnering with public agencies. The company has capitalized on its development expertise and ability to work with various government agencies in creating significant real estate projects through public/private ventures.

Civic Partners was founded by Steven P. Semingson in response to a growing demand for experienced firms capable of assisting public agencies in the development of economically viable projects. Civic Partners specializes in bringing together public and private interests to deliver what the community desires: high quality development that adds value to the community.

Civic Partners has invested its time and effort, almost exclusively, in "public/private" projects, including commercial, residential and mixed-use. The results have provided numerous benefits to communities such as the creation of both short- and long-term job opportunities, an increased tax base and a quality environment in which to live, work and shop.

Civic Partners coordinates and manages all aspects of the development process. It provides direction on the planning, design and construction of the project. Civic Partners establishes the financing strategy and handles the budgeting and scheduling for each project. Other tasks include public relations, community involvement, sales, marketing and leasing.

In light of a renewed focus on the revitalization of American cities, Civic Partners looks forward to continuing its considerable contribution to the development of many significant real estate projects, in particular those which have placed emphasis on public/private ventures.

Management Team
Civic Partners’ management team brings a depth of talent and experience from various backgrounds including public agency, legal, leasing and finance. Senior management has more than 200 years combined experience, of which over 50 years have been with Civic Partners. The team has been working together for several years and shares individual histories of delivering outstanding results and a commitment to the Company's strategic vision.

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